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Janek Mäggi Elected President of European Draughts Confederation

On European Draughts Confederation’s 5th conference held in Aix les Baines, France, Janek Mäggi was elected President of the organisation for next four years.

On European Draughts Confederation’s 5th conference held in Aix les Baines, France on November 10th this year, Janek Mäggi was elected President of the organisation for next four years. The long-standing president of the Estonian Draughts Association Janek Mäggi is the first Estonian trusted with leadership of an international sports association. The headquarters of European Draughts Confederation will be moved to Tallinn.

“The election of Janek Mäggi as European Draughts Confederation’s President is not merely and event for Estonian sports, but for Estonia’s cultural life in its wider context. It reveals that, in addition to successful sportsmen, there are also capable sports leaders in Estonia. I hope that Janek Mäggi’s election will raise the popularity of the exciting game of draughts and will encourage the leaders of other member organisations of the Estonian Olympic Committee to set themselves up as candidates for top positions in international sports life,” said President of Estonian Olympic Committee Mart Siimann.

The Estonian Minister of Culture Laine Jänes finds this very encouraging news for the Estonian general public and especially for the body of sportsmen. I wish Janek good luck leading the European Draughts Confederation," rejoiced Laine Jänes. "In today’s world, where especially among young people passivity and lack of intelligent activity abound, every step towards drawing more people into mind sports, including draughts, is more than welcome. I’m sure that Janek Mäggi with his captivating enthusiasm will make things happen in this area. The initiative to establish the EDC headquarters in Tallinn is also highly positive.”

"The city of Tallinn has enjoyed good cooperation with the Estonian Draughts Association for close to 10 years, and Tallinn also expressed its support for Janek Mäggi running for EDC presidency," remarked the Mayor of Tallinn Edgar Savisaar. "Therefore we do hope for a fruitful cooperation with EDC as well, with our own man – so to speak – now leading it. The more so that the headquarters are also moved to Tallinn. Keeping in mind that Tallinn is hoping to become the Cultural Capital of Europe for 2011, it is good for us to become internationally known as a place where cultural and sports events are heartily welcome."

According to Janek Mäggi, the results of the election were not a total surprise to him. "Whatever you do, do it well and with all your heart. I’ve been zealous at playing draughts from childhood and leading the Estonian Draughts Association has never been a burden for me, rather a joy and a privilege. And as it has been said – to him who has, more will be given," said Janek Mäggi.

Former President European Draughts Confederation (1998-2007) Jacek Pawlicki and elected president Janek Mäggi

Rima Danileviciene, deputy president of European Draughts Confederation hands over the stamp to Janek Mäggi