How to become a politician? It’s really simple. You should just run for a post – and you are a politician! Politician is an ordinary person running for a post in elections. Success (or repeated success, to be precise) is not important. 

Six politicians ran more seriously for the post of the President of Estonia – Allar Jõks, Eiki Nestor, Mailis Reps, Marina Kaljurand, Mart Helme and Siim Kallas (in alphabetical order). However, nobody of them was elected the President. No politicians was elected. (Kersti Kaljulaid was not elected, but voted for this post.)

The most important observation in this dizzy campaign was that people like election circus – it provides entertainment.

Countless debates, gorgeous portrait stories – everybody enjoyed. Beside Olympic games, people also need competitions, where mature veterans (40+) can measure themselves against each other, and not with physical, but intellectual strength.

As for the brain strength, it seemed that some applicants had trained more than others. Preparation did not show ability of the applicants to be the President, but the energy to become the President. After a marathon that lasted six months, four applicants out of five seemed very similar to the electoral body (taking account of the collected votes in the range from 75 to 83), but nobody of them was able to reach the finish line faster than the normative required for victory.

The “result” of the electoral body has been analysed thoroughly. The conclusion is that something should be changed. But what? All applicants shall be nominated at least 2 months in advance. Such procedure has been established in the practice of several international sports associations. After that, nobody can be added any more. Joining a marathon at half distance is wrong. It should be possible to elect only from those, who are actually running and competing. This is fair for those, who put their head into the fire. Then, two applicants remain in the final round, and one of them will become the President.

Could someone imagine that the elections for the President of USA fail, because neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump can collect sufficient amount of votes? That neither is suitable? In spite of the fact that there are quite many people who think so, Empty Ballot does not run for the President of USA. Nobody can vote against. Because who could endure such show twice in succession? And finance? And what would be the sense of it? Nothing.

The current election procedure is very bad due to the fact that it is impossible to introduce oneself politely to the public, in order to get the most dignified post of Estonian policy.

To show to the people, who you actually are, what do you think and how do you understand things. Because during this process (which can be your previous life) the applicant inevitably gets enemies, who would not allow them to get the post, even just for resentment and envy.

There are two options: only the electoral body or the people should elect (in my opinion, both options are suitable), without no additional option – for example, if the people or representatives of the people cannot handle the task, should we ask the opinion of a recruitment company?! If Americans do not amend the law to ensure that Donald Trump would not become the President, then why we fear that a wrong man or woman could become our President? No, they won’t.

It was also important that all six applicants wanted to become the President. This post requires will to serve the people. The President must be brave enough to say: “First, I recommend myself!”. This was undoubtedly the victory of the people. I assume that by the following elections Empty Ballot has been voted down.

And maybe then also some applicants of these elections run for the post again. They have done enormous work, and in result of the campaign, Marina Kaljurand has by now even lost her (essential and important) job. Her failure was the most painful.