Janek Mäggi elected president of Estonian Draughts Federation for 7th time

At this year’s Estonian Draughts Federation’s general meeting, Janek Mäggi was elected President of Estonian Draughts Federation for the next two years. The new Management Board of Estonian Draughts Federation consists of 8 members, including the President, and its powers will be valid until the end of January 2013. Viktoria Lehtmets will continue as Executive Director of Estonian Draughts Federation. “The new Management Board will carry the responsibility to advance the Estonian draughts life,” said President of Estonian Draughts Federation Janek Mäggi, who since the fall of 2007 also holds the position of the President of European Draughts Confederation. “In addition to organising the local draughts activities in Estonia, Estonian Draughts Federation shall also endeavour to support the activities of the European Draughts Confederation – which is a huge responsibility entrusted to us. In the upcoming two years, besides other goals, it is our desire to also focus on the development of the Russian 64-field draughts. Therefore, we have decided to organise the World Championship for juniors in Tallinn this August.” “The best way to promote draughts is via youth work and holding international title tournaments in Estonia. This year, the European Championship for juniors, to be held in Tallinn in the month of August, provides an excellent opportunity,” explained Janek Mäggi. “In addition to title tournaments, we are planning to enhance draughts throughout the land, involving existing clubs and creating new ones, expanding the game’s regional reach in Estonia. Draughts is a mind sports, which, in my opinion, provides a wonderful way to guarantee a sound mind in a sound body.” Janek Mäggi is Estonian Draughts Federation’s President since 1999 and European Draughts Confederation’s (www.europedraughts.org) President since 2007, when its headquarters were set up in Tallinn. He has been involved in draughts from 1982. In 1990 he was awarded the Master’s Candidate rank. He participated in numerous youth and junior title tournaments of the former USSR, and represented Estonia in the Soviet team title tournaments. His main occupation is management of the communications bureau Powerhouse. Actively involved in society at large, he is also Chairman of the Council of Tallinn Children’s Hospital Foundation. Estonian Draughts Federation (www.kabeliit.ee) was founded on April 22nd 1990. It became member of World Draughts Federation (FMJD) on October 19th 1991. Estonian Draughts Federation is a founding member of European Draughts Confederation, established in Tallinn on August 13th 1998. It also belongs to the Estonian Olympic Committee. Estonian Draughts Federation has a membership of 16 clubs. Many forms of draughts are played in Estonia, the most popular ones being the Russian draughts and the international draughts (64 and 100 squares, respectively). There are over 1000 active draughts players in Estonia. Estonia also has numerous high level players: International Grand Masters Urmo Ilves, Arno Uutma and the Brazilian draughts player Ardu Treinbuk, as well as International Masters Kaido Leesmann and Raido Värik.