There is nothing strange that a person tries to maximise his personal money and properties. The world-famous data leakage of Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca only confirms the well-known truth – the more the person has power and money (and access to it), the more he needs to work at keeping, preserving, growing and also hiding the belongings. 

Greediness is also when you are trying to show yourself generous, but in reality you are a similar penny pincher as everyone else.

Dark public relations

For centuries and millennia treasures were hidden in the ground, today peculiar regions behind seven lands and seas. Another, yet not a surprising scandal led to a thought: how can the politicians make laws that they themselves do want not abide or they simply don’t do that? If they do not like to pay taxes, then all citizens could be legally exempted from taxation at home? There’s no need for fear that anyone sees that you have earned money!

On the other hand, I can understand the entrepreneurs: If you cannot change the laws, then you have to escape the country. Perhaps there are not so many people left in Estonia who escape for business reasons, however, thousands of wealthy people have scrammed France. Unjustly harassing taxes kill all sorts of initiative and enslave. The fact that someone is more capable cannot be the only reason why they need to pay for laziness, inability and indolence spreading in the society.

Public execution facing especially from the press (where often those who next time get caught with some mess show themselves as noble hearts) is surely spectacular as medieval marketplaces, but in reality it is hideous because executioners do not represent judiciary, but similar greedy villains.

If something is leaked in order to show someone in the bad light or to destroy his career – is there any difference with terrorism for example in Syria that blew up historic masterpieces and cut off throats?

Dark public relations are efficient, yet evil. If a desperate dissident uses this, it is understandable and forgiving. However, if this is used in information war where both parties are similarly sinful, then it is not useful to immediately rush and kill a single deceptive guilty one. Court should be preferred to wild justice.

Insane and humiliating

The Panama leakage shows that in reality there is nothing safe till the end and people, especially those active in public life, should live in a way that they cannot be blackmailed or their reputation damaged.

Nevertheless no one cannot be forced to live in constant fear – “maybe I’m doing something wrong”. According to public information, the convicted Villu Reiljan has not returned his honorary decoration to the Office of the President. But do his evil deeds and crimes, the court found him guilty, null his good deeds for which he received honorary decoration? No. Therefore, this humiliating procedure is insanely insane.

A principle applies to jurisprudence that no one can repeatedly be punished for the one and same thing.

I find it strange to be enthused about information leakages etc. which aim is to intentionally damage someone’s reputation without giving this person a chance to defend themselves. This is similar to torturing. Even if the most unpleasant dictators are being tortured, I cannot feel a slightest sense of joy. Because those who are torturing are criminals at least to the same degree.