Even though the locals say that Ukraine is a country at war, this cannot be felt in Kiev in any way. Here, it is impossible to understand why it is said in the European Union countries that there’s nothing good in Ukraine. On the contrary. Kiev is in full bloom. Spiritually and physically.

There are blooms of pain as well, reminding of what happened in Maidan, but a Sunday night in Kreshtshatik – the main street of Kiev which is closed for cars for weekends – is full of life, vitality, buoyancy. Ukrainians want to live, and they are living. In spite of the reprimands and admonishments from the West.

Let them manage on their own

There are the fanciest cars here, the richest selection of goods, heaps of mesmerising buildings renovated or built in the Slavonic style. Architecture of the national language. Aristocracy and new wealth, cultural heritage and the real Western culture.

Adverts for the Metallica concert in June catch the eye. Not to mention the cafes and restaurants, where it is impossible to grasp how bottomless corruption can be the norm in such a successful city, and is yet not a problem for anyone, it is just a natural facet of life. If all things Western are here and accessible, what is the problem?

The country of Ukraine was born in the beginning of the 1990s, but in actual fact, it was not necessary for the people – for Ukrainians, personal welfare is much-much more important than how their country is faring. Those at the helm led the people to believe that it was not necessary to pay the taxes, but no serious social guarantees should be expected from the government either. Manage on your own.

And they have: while there were 52 million people living in Ukraine in 1991, there are currently 45.7 million. 7 million less, most of whom have found new homes abroad.

The purpose of being in power in Ukraine is personal enrichment, and those unable to achieve this are fumblers. It is claimed that the former President, Viktor Yanukovych of Russian nationality, took 30 billion dollars with him when he left for Russia, including emptying the cash vaults of the Central Bank prior to escaping the country. Why serve the people if you can “earn” money?

East will never become west

He who has stolen once cannot stop stealing. The culture of bribe-giving and –taking is complete. Where ever you might need a favour, you must pay. Everyone seated behind a desk are accomplices in a crime. No one knows anyone who does not know anyone who has done anything illegal or unethical. And such attitude prevents formation of the state.

A state would, however, be needed for one to know when buying real estate that departing with the money will result in becoming an apartment owner. For the people to be able to live peacefully and so that everyone would have equal opportunities.

Those who are more aggressive, more cunning, cleverer, smarter, more brutal, achieve more – everything, to be exact. The country is governed by the elite like any other, but there are no restrictions. No dusty and worn-out requirement to “serve the people”, not oneself and the money obtained unfairly.

As strange as it is, Ukraine is functioning. Just the mechanics are quite different from those in the West and in Estonia. But who would be able to turn Ukraine into what is imagined by the European Union? Is this even possible? Is this even necessary?

Some bears learn to dance, some bears, however, make others dance. In words, Ukraine is asking for help from the West, in actions, however, not for the country as a whole, but for the oligarchs, for those in power. Angela Merkel has grown quite tired of dancing to the tune of Ukrainians. Westernisation of the Ukrainians is no less back-breaking than Germanisation of the Turks. Stay strong, Mutti