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The working culture at Powerhouse HQ has taken shape over the last 20 years. We are characterised by our reliability, as well as our familiarity with technology and the humanities. We are positive in everything we do, and we always give our clients honest feedback. Our literacy, in the broadest sense of the word, we translate into quality, speed and candour in the interests of the client, relying on our network of contacts and bringing people together who work well in tandem. And we do all of this in pristine Estonian.
In representing our clients we are guided by the laws of Estonia and are never prepared to risk compromising the security interests of our country. We appreciate the fact that there are times in people’s lives when their reputation becomes somewhat tarnished, but at the same time we expect our clients’ objectives and behaviour to be lawful. Though we mediate our clients’ interests, we do not necessarily identify with them.
We know Estonia through and through. In other countries we trust to the skills of our local partners.

our people

The people working at Powerhouse are open-minded and have long-time experience. We are capable of providing clever solutions and implementing them, also in critical situations.

powerhouse element

for client

We have created a customer environment to ensure that workflow is organized and smooth.